The Tokyo Offroad Story


Tokyo Offroad is a specialist manufacturer of high quality tools and products for off-road motorcycles.

The founder and chief designer, Mark, is an engineer whose lifelong passion for off-road motorcycles, combined with a love of metal fabrication and all things mechanical, led him to begin making custom tools and parts for himself and his friends in his specialist machine shop in Tokyo, Japan.

Word quickly spread of the ingenuity of his designs and his attention to detail, and in 2017, he opened an online shop to meet the growing demand for his products. Tokyo Offroad currently offers 2-stroke transmission oil drain tools, a wheel bearing press, and wheel spoke weights, and we have a number of new, exciting products in the pipeline.

As riders ourselves, we understand the demands of off-road motorcycle riding and maintenance, which is why we use only the highest quality materials in our products. Our policy is that we would never sell anything to a customer that we wouldn’t be happy to buy and use ourselves. All production work is performed in-house so that high levels of quality can be maintained and custom design requests dealt with quickly.

If you have any questions, special requests, or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.