RK Tek Billet Head 2020~23 300TPI


This head will fit KTM 300TPI, Husky TE300i (MY 2020~2023) & GasGas EX300i (MY2021~2023) 2-stroke off-road models. Note that a different head is available for KTM & Husky MY 2018~2019 TPIs. The color is aluminum.

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The Stock KTM, Husky & GasGas 250 & 300 2-stroke heads are very inefficient design and leave a lot of performance on the table. RK Tek has developed a true performance enhancer with this billet head designed specifically for mountains and single/dual  track riding, sea level to 10,000ft. This head will widen the engine’s effective power-band considerably and allow for a much more linear power delivery. This head is unequaled in its performance.  Cooling is also increased. A cooler running engine will last longer and produce more power. Testing has shown, in many cases, this head allows for the hill to be pulled in the next higher gear . What you would normally pull in 2nd gear you can now pull in 3rd gear.

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Weight 1001 g