Silky BIGBOY Curved XL Saw


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High quality large folding saw, made in Japan by Silky. The BIGBOY curved blade length is 360mm (14.2”) and can be unfolded from the handle and locked in two different positions. The coarse tooth XL curved blade (6.5 tooth/30mm) cuts quickly and efficiently, ideal for clearing trail blocking storm felled trees and large branches, suitable for both green and dried wood. The blade cuts on the pull stroke, allowing it to be thinner (approximately 1.5mm) and lighter than a standard push saw of similar dimensions. Compact (405mm when folded) and light weight (425g) allows it to be carried in a backpack while riding. The yellow handle is easy to spot if dropped in the undergrowth, comfortable for single, or double hand use and can be fitted with a lanyard (not supplied) if desired. Note that the saw is supplied without a case.

A replacement blade is available here

The BIGBOY’s little brother, the Silky GOMBOY Curved Trail saw is available here


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Weight 560 g