STIC Metering Block


Be sure to enter details regarding your motorcycle when ordering. Metering Block for Keihin carburetors. Advantages over stock the block include improved throttle response, power and reduced sensitivity to elevation and weather changes.

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Be sure to enter details of your motorcycle when ordering. STIC Metering Block for Keihin 36mm & 38mm PWK carburetors. All STICs are supplied with 113A STIC emulsification tube, 50 Pilot Jet and 190 Main Jet, TORX 20 tool bit and two new bolts with pre-applied threadlock. If different STIC tube is required please request. 1135A, 1135 non-A & 114A are available and recommended for 125 & 150).

Two versions are available:

19E – Fits Keihin PWK 36mm and 38mm Air Striker Short carburetors

19M – Fits Keihin PWK 36mm and 38mm Screw Top carburetors

The JD STIC Jetting Kit and STIC Airscrew Adjuster are recommended for use with the STIC

If you do not already have a Keihin carburetor a kit is available (Keihin 38mm PWK Air Striker Short + STIC + JD STIC Jetting Kit + Fuel Line & Clips) STIC + Keihin PWK 38mm Air Striker Short Kit


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Weight 501 g

19E, 19M