XRC Starter Bush Kit 250/300 2T TPI 2019 (2 bushings)


XRC (Xtreme Race Components) KTM/Husky 250-300 2-stroke bush kit for some 2018 & 2019 models. Kit includes 2 high quality bronze bushings (one long and one standard length) and an install tool. Check your 2018 & 2019 original bushing lengths to confirm what kit you require before ordering. The standard bush length is 4mm and long bush length is 7.5mm.

Note- Some 2019 models are fitted with two long bushings. If your bike has two long bushings fitted please order the XRC 2020 kit (2 long bushings).

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There are a lot of KTM/Husky starter fixes but most of them are either expensive, really time consuming or both. None of them actually address the root of the problem, which are the soft, sticky, low quality bushes. The XRC quality bronze bush kit fixes this issue. The bushes are manufactured from a much harder material which allows the starter gears to spin much more freely. This means the starter motor power goes directly to the starting the engine not getting wasted having to over come the original bush friction. Translating to a much faster starter rotation speed regardless of whether the bike is in gear or the battery not being at full charge. Because of their high quality materials these bushes last much, much longer than the standard ones, you’ll forget what your kick starter even looks like!

The 2019 kit includes 2 bronze bushings (one long and standard length) and an install tool. The long bushing should be installed in to the engine case and the standard length bushing installed in the ignition cover.

Note 1: When installing XRC bronze bushings they should be a light press fit in the engine case and cover. However, it’s common that the stock bushings spin in the bushing bore and create wear, resulting in a loose fit. It is essential that new bushings are held securely in place and some retention compound (Eg. Loctite 638, or 648) can be used. If the bushing bore is badly damaged it should be repaired, or replaced before installing new bushings.

Note 2: Various XRC bronze bushing kits are available for KTM/Husqvarna 2-stroke models. See table below for compatibility. If not sure what you need please use the contact form and ask.


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