Wheel Bearing Press Tool (WBPT)


Warning- Damage to the hub may result if the bearing is not cooled (frozen) and the hub heated before installation of new bearings. Please refer to the install video and WBPT usage guide (link to PDF below).

Wheel bearing press tool (WBPT). Can be used to install front a rear wheel bearings which have internal diameter of 25, or 30mm and external diameter of 47mm. Will fit most KTM off-road wheels.



The WBPT is used to press in new bearings to the wheel hubs. The advantage of using the WBPT over a method such as hammering the bearing in is that the WBPT presses the bearing in to the hub straight, with no chance of the bearing becoming canted, minimizing the chance of damage to the hub and bearing. The WBPT will work on all full size KTM off road motorcycle, including EXC, SX, XC, XC-W models. The WBPT can be used to install both front and rear bearings by simply turning the bearing plate over. If your bike uses bearings which have an OD of 47mm and ID of 25mm, or 30mm the tool should be compatible with your bike. Please contact us before purchase if you have any compatibility concerns. Each WBPT kit includes a base plate, bearing plate, threaded rod, 2 nuts and 2 washers.

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Weight 330 g